Hello, World-

I’m Kath!  Welcome to my blog!  You are going to find a lot of random posts on here.  I am a very multi-interested person who truly believes that “Variety is the Spice of Life” so that’s what you will find here.

I dabble in writing, photography, eating,  knitting, reading, baking, cooking, snowshoeing, eating, hiking, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, kayaking, swimming, religion, travel, eating, yoga, etc.

I am most passionate about improving my interpersonal communication skills.  I will share the results, or lack of them, here on a regular basis in hopes that others may learn from me. Or at least, get a good laugh!

I’ve attended four colleges, yet I think I’m only of sophomore status.  I’m a trained life coach, studied servant leadership, taken a variety of not-for-credit courses in writing, photography, story-telling, humor, and of course, compassionate communication.  I’m also a self-trained IT for our church but recently came across the title of  “Visual Information Specialist” and believe that’s a more accurate description of what I do.

Although I’m a four time college dropout, I consider myself a “home-schooled” college student as I am passionate about learning and will continue to do so all my life at a pace that works for me, with material that I’m interested in.

My most successful teacher has been life itself.  I truly believe that my being raised in a single parent household from a very young age has led me to my passion.  My own family has provided many opportunities for practicing those communication skills as well.

Another passion is facilitating small groups whether it’s about “Unwrapping Our Gifts”, compassionate communication or a reading group.  I’m thinking that blogging could potentially have small group moments as others comment on posts and interact.

And there’s another subject that you will find in future posts and that is ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder – I learned at the age of 34 that my brain was wired a bit different.  Just the diagnose itself was a relief!  It explained so much about my past struggles (and some successes!)

So, upon reading my posts, I hope you laugh, cry, learn, grimace, and even roll your eyes.  You won’t be the first person to do that to me.

Peace be yours,


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  1. LOL you sound a lot like me. I call myself a serial hobbiest; cooking, hot glass, drawing, gardening, knitting, photography, etc. I am also ADD, attended three collages finally graduating from FSU. Glad I found your blog.

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